Washington - Aug 2016

2016-08-22 Mon

In August 2016, I spent a week in Washington with a pair of coworkers.

Or maybe friends? :)

I'd always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest, and was excited to be invited.

I had a great time; it was an amazing experience.

Flowers in front of Mt Rainier
I mean, if you're into that kind of thing.

Oh, yeah. I guess there was a developer conference too.


  1. Attend a conference (Visual Studio Live! Redmond 2016)
  2. See an amazing part of the country
  3. Test a new packing strategy
  4. Get uncomfortable, push myself, grow a little

    Extended close-quarters exposure to people you dont know well, in a new place, doing unusual things? Check.

I frequently forgot about #1.

Sound bites

Packing strategy

For this trip, Id take as little as felt I could.

Why? I wanted to feel light, nimble, ready to adapt to whatever happened. I wanted to rely on my brain & my heart, with few filters between me and the world.

(Im developing an “adventure strategy” of Prepare, Experience, Adapt. …hmm. Thats just science again, isnt it?)

And so on. Many applications of the same theme.

Also, I tried Ranger Rolling my clothing for the first time. I liked the results, and–I suspect–provided some unintentional awkward entertainment for my companions.


2016-08-05 - Fri

Worked a full day. “Worked”.

Seattle from the water
		at night
Imagine this is a well-taken photo.

2016-08-06 - Sat

Not a lot of sleep, after such a late arrival, but who cares? Adventure on the Olympic Peninsula awaits!

Driftwood at Dungeness
NOT the Pacific, I was repeatedly reminded.
Moss-covered tree
A dull pic of an amazing subject. Hall of Moss indeed.

2016-08-07 - Sun

Much rain predicted for the day, but forget that noise. Adventure awaits!

Running theme of the day: shockingly cooperative weather.

Ruby Beach sea stack
Ruby Beach: sea stacks and driftwood.
Barnacle-encrusted rocks
Yarr. Barrnacles.
River through conifer forest
Theres supposed to be a bear beside such rivers.
Panorama of La Push sea stacks at dusk
Barely visible: a seals head.

2016-08-08 - Mon

Adventuring our way back toward Seattle.

Waves meet rocky cliffs at
		Cape Flattery
Never turn your back on the sea.
The author's goofy grin
		before coniferous mountain slopes
Never turn your back on the mountains.
Clouds just above
		Hurricane Ridge parking lot
The quiet, poorly-exposed majesty of the parking lot.
Seattle from the water
		at night redux
Repetitive? Whatever. Go do your own WA adventure better.

2016-08-09 - Tue

Okay, lets do this conference thing.

…no continental breakfast? What?

Visual Studio Live! 2016 Redmond - Day 1

- The Microsoft campus was surprisingly mundane:  a nice neighborhood with smallish low buildings, covering many city blocks.
  - Of course, many nearby skyscrapers also bear the MS logo.
  - As a onetime Nintendo Power reader, I'd long wondered what Redmond was like.  Turns out it's nice.
- Conference breakfast: decent.  We begin a campaign of studied aloofness.  (Aloofness?)
  - I toyed with social interactions a few times, but wasn't richly rewarded.
- Keynote:  MS would like us to give them money for Azure.
- Sessions:  ...am I not the target audience for this conference?

Time to see some Seattle!

Alley outside Hard Rock Cafe
What I expected all of Seattle to be like.
Seattle from hill at night
Moments before The Man runs us off.

2016-08-10 - Wed

More conference.

Visual Studio 2016! Live Redmond - Day 2

- Second keynote was cool.  From zero to new project, new build setup, new deployment to multiple new environments, all within 20 minutes or so.  It's like he was using computers to solve problems!
  - ...all made possible by Azure.  Oh well, it looked neat.
- 75 minutes is too long for low-energy sessions like these.
  - Note:  Regardless of the hour, DO NOT REMOVE THE COFFEE.

Signed up for an evening boat cruise offered by the conference. A short cruise around Lake Washington & Mercer Island.

Xanadu 2.0 from the lake
Hidden in the trees: Xanadu 2.0
The author at the stern of a boat
		at dusk
Happy the other nerds have disembarked.

2016-08-11 - Thu

Thats about enough conference.

Visual Redmond Live! Studio 2016 - Day 3

- Docker talk I rather liked.
- Lunch @ The Commons Mixer.  I guess that's the name?  Awkward name, neat place:  big ol' mall/food court thingie.
- Toured the MS store for lunch.
  - Life-sized Master Chief statue, impressive mark-up on MS-branded items.

Toward Mt. Rainier.

Snoqualmie Falls
This means more to Twin Peaks fans?
Snow-capped mountain by day
Not pictured: meteors, night.

2016-08-12 - Fri

Up to Mt. Rainier. Havent been in the mountains for at least six hours!

Flowers in front of Mt Rainier redux
A lot of this.
Rocky stream in front of Mt Rainier
Like, a lot.
Narada Falls from above
I thought this was pretty nice.
Narada Falls from below
Kate thought this might be better.

2016-08-12 - Sat

Back at my place sometime near sunrise. Didnt really sleep on the plane–almost never do. Felt a little groggy.

Good adventure.


What ran repeatedly through my head during the trip? (It was a substantial part of my experience, after all.)

This is roughly chronological.

A theme of endings?